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PrimoPDF help and info

  • What does PrimoPDF do?

    It is a simple program that can create PDF files from various Microsoft Office formats. It also doubles as a virtual printer.

  • Is PrimoPDF free?

    Yes, the software is completely free of charge. It features minimal advertising, making it one of the most attractive, simple and popular choices of PDF converter on the Web.

  • Can PrimoPDF convert PDF files back to Microsoft Office formats?

    Yes, the program can revert a PDF file back to its original MS Office format. While it does pretty well in preserving the PDF file's layout, sometimes the software loses more complex formatting, such as table properties, in the process. Apart from that rare occurrence, the two-way conversion works smoothly and quickly.

  • Does PrimoPDF let me control the quality and resolution of PDF files?

    Yes, the program supports various resolution formats such as "screen", "e-book", high-quality "print", etc. You can choose from its various presets or select your preferred quality settings manually. The "prepress" setting is especially useful to large-scale commercial printing projects.

  • Can PrimoPDF secure the PDF files it creates?

    Yes, the program lets you secure each file you create with the latest in PDF encryption and password protection, so that you control access and editing. You can also control all the metadata attached to each PDF file, to either anonymize your creations or make them searchable according to specific keywords. You can also restrict the printing of every file you create, which is great for sensitive and commercial material.

  • Can PrimoPDF merge two or more PDF files together?

    Yes, the program has the function to amend PDF files by inserting pages from other files. Just select the location inside the original document where you want to insert your additional pages and go right ahead.

  • What does downsampling refer to in PrimoPDF settings?

    Downsampling describes how the software will handle any images you have included in your document. "No downsampling" treats the pics in their original quality, preserving their highest available resolution. The rest of the options then offer various levels of pixel compression.

  • Is PrimoPDF light and easy to use?

    Absolutely! The program is light, easy to install and run, and its functionalities are neatly organized. There is a steep and short learning curve before you start creating the PDFs you need in consistent and appropriate quality.

  • What post-process actions does PrimoPDF support?

    Once you have created your PDF, you have a choice of automatically opening it, sending it off as an email attachment, or doing nothing. The email function is especially handy if you often have to produce a large number of PDF files and send them to a colleague or a printer, for example.

  • How often does PrimoPDF update?

    The software gets regular updates. You can control the frequency with which it checks for newer versions via the Options button. There, either set the self-checks to be daily, weekly, or monthly, or select the "streamline" option which automatizes the whole process and lets the program maintain itself.